Flambeaux Bicycle Tours was born out of a desire to combine two passions: the history of New Orleans and bicycles. I am a native son of New Orleans that's passionate about our city's history and traditions. My knowledge of the city exceeds research, I am a product of its culture. From rolling in Mardi Gras parades as a young teenager, getting my first job as a beignet chef at Cafe du Monde at age16, and being steeped in our city's customs my whole life. I not only live in New Orleans - New Orleans lives in me. 

I give bicycle tours not only because it's the best way to see the city. I am passionate about bicycles and their possibilities as a transportation alternative in urban environments. This passion for bicycle commuting led me to become a League Certified Instructor (LCI) with the League of American Bicyclist. In that capacity, I have taught traffic skill workshops in association with our local bicycle coalition (Bike Easy) at local businesses, community centers, and schools. We give a short briefing on these traffic skills before every tour. As a result, Flambeaux Bicycle Tours not only introduces you to New Orleans through the eyes of a native, but also provides you with a certified tour guide whose number one priority is your safety.

I look forward to immersing you into the vibrancy, charm, and mystique that is New Orleans . 


To help shape New Orleans into one of the best bicycling cities in the world we give 1% of all our profits to Bike Easy.