Nola Bike Lights City Social Ride

New Orleans Night Life Tour

$45 per person

Light up the city with bikes bedazzled with lights! This unique social ride through Nola not only helps you explore our night life, it is an essential part of it!

Our guides create a festive atmosphere with music and guide you through the downtown area. Our bikes are not only draped in lights they are accompanied with front baskets and cup holders for your phone and drinks.

Join this parade on two wheels and become a part of this unique New Orleans experience!


How many people are required to book the ride?

In order for the ride to roll a party of 5 must book.  After a part of 5 has booked individual riders can book.

What is the Maximum amount of people you take on the ride?

Being that we aim to make this a parade like experience we take a max of 32 people.

Do you offer private Night Life Rides?

Yes. In order to reserve a private ride 20 bikes have to be booked.

What kind of groups do you host?

Our rides are geared toward any occasion. From a girls night out, bachlorate parties, bridal showers, birthday celebrations, family reunions, corporate events, team building experiences for local businesses, or people who just want to have a good time. We offer a magical night life experience in New Orleans that will be remembered forever.

How does the Night Life Ride work?

You will be escorted with music around the downtown area by two guides. One guide up front and one in the rear. The guide in the front will lead you on the smoothest and safest routes, while serving as a DJ. The guide to the rear is going to direct traffic, fix any flats, or deal with any technical issues should they arise.

Where do we meet for the ride?

We meet at  our French Quarter location:

626 North Rampart St. New Orleans, LA 70112

When should I arrive for the ride?

Please arrive 30 minutes before the start time of the ride. All participants must fill out a waiver. Early arrival also gives us ample time to fit everyone on a bicycle.

Do I have to know how to ride a bicycle?

Yes. Please don't book if you can't ride a bicycle. There is no one to teach you the night of. 

Are there any height requirements?

All participants must be over 4'11" in height.

Can I drink alcohol on this ride?

It's not illegal to drink alcohol on a bicycle in Louisiana.  It is illegal to ride a bicycle while intoxicated.  Our number one priority on the ride is safety. To ensure safety we ask that no one drink to the point of intoxication. Only you know your own limits, so please exercise appropriate restraint.  Also, we know it seems like common sense, but please show up sober and with some food on your stomach. Anyone who shows up inebriated will not be allowed on the ride. 

Are food and drinks included?

Every participant gets a bottle of water. We don't provide any food or drinks beyond that. We do make 3 stops on the tour where one can use the restroom, get a snack, and buy something to drink.

Do I have to wear a helmet? 

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory in Louisiana.  If you don't want to wear one simply write in the waiver that you are choosing to ride without one. If you want to wear one we have more helmets then heads.

Can I take pictures?

Yes, blow up your instagram feed up. But please do not take any pictures while operating the bicycle. Please only take pics on one of our pitstops. Don't forget to tag us @flambeauxtours #datbikelife #flambeauxtours.