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The resting place of Homer Plessy

The resting place of Homer Plessy

Baron Samedi’s Cities of the Dead

St. Louis Cemetery #1 Tour

  • $25 PER PERSON

  • 1.5 HRS


Our journey begins at the esoteric St. Peter Cemetery, the city's hidden and oldest burial site. After learning about the St. Peter Cemetery, follow one of our expert historians through one of the most visited cemeteries in the country.

At nearly 230 years old, St Louis Cemetery #1 is still actively in use. On this walk, we discover how the city's early settlers managed to fit tens of thousands of bodies in one city block.

Guests get a chance to visit the famous tomb of Marie Laveau, the city's most adored Voodoo Priestess, and the final resting places of New Orleans' most important historical figures. Although you can visit most cemeteries in the city for free, St Louis #1 must be visited with a guide and is a truly one of a kind experience.


When should I arrive for my tour?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your tour time. The tour embarks at the hour that you booked.


What should I bring?

Bring water and sunscreen as there is not a lot of shade in the cemetery. We sell water for $1.00 a bottle.


How long is the walk?

.5-.75 mi.


Can I drink adult beverages on this tour?

No. Adult beverages are allowed on all of our walking tours minus this one. The Archdiocese of New Orleans does not permit alcoholic beverages into the cemetery.


Can I bring coffee into the cemetery?

Yes. As an added bonus you can grab the best cup of coffee in the Quarter literally right new door at Arrow Cafe.


Can I film in the cemetery?

No. Filming is not allowed however taking pictures is ok. 


Can I leave something or draw X's on Marie Leveau's or Dr. John's tombs?

No. No one is permitted to draw or leave anything at these tombs. If you would like to offer something to Marie Leveau her shrine is located inside the New Orleans Healing Center.


What else should I know before visiting the cemetery?

St. Louis Cemetery #1 is still an active cemetery. Please do not lean on any of the tombs and express consideration at all times.