Shedding Light on New Orleans Heritage


What is a Flambeaux?

The Flambeaux (pronounced: "flam-bow") are torches used during Mardi Gras parades. Throughout the history of our carnival tradition, the flambeaux carriers have lit up the night before floats so that revelers could see the parades. They also served as guides that led the parade on its route.

In the same spirit, Flambeaux Bicycle Tours seeks to shed light on New Orleans' traditions and heritage. As we guide you through town, we share our city's colorful past and vibrant culture.

We like our Gumbo spicy, so we throw a blend of history, folklore, culture, and places to visit in our roux. Join us as we guide you through the most unique city in America, in the best possible way to explore it...on a bicycle.

Louis Armstrong Bike Tour

Delight your senses as you pedal through the most charming neighborhoods of New Orleans. As you embark, you will be lured into our city by its enchanting architecture. Your guide will lead you through mystic cemeteries, streets canopied by oak trees, and along the serene waters of Bayou St. John. The leisurely cycling pace will allow you to experience why our city is known as the Big Easy. 

Our tours are designed to help you unlock the city’s indigenous culture and understand it’s incredible past. You will visit key historical landmarks, roam neighborhoods founded hundreds of years ago, hear riffs of jazz, and smell authentic Creole cuisine wafting through the air. Join us and immerse yourself in the incomparable, history-drenched energy of this northern-most city of the Caribbean. 




626 N. Rampart St. in the French Quarter!

We are located in a historic French Quarter storefront adjacent to Louis Armstrong Park. This charming New Orleans gem is conveniently nestled on North Rampart St. between Toulouse and St. Peter. Along with being in walking distance from your hotel, the North Rampart streetcar line passes right in front of our shop. We're also a block and a half from the Basin Street Parking Lot...the cheapest parking in the city.

*If you feel like you're running behind and need a quick bite, Arrow Café is conveniently located right next door.  
Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine, I look right into the heart of good old New Orleans. It has given me something to live for.
— Louis Armstrong