New Orleans Best Rated Bike Tour Business


Flambeaux Bicycle Tours is owned and operated by native New Orleanians. We pride ourselves in offering the most vibrant tours in the city. Our source of zeal is derived from a deep since of heritage and belonging…this is because we share a narrative that pertains to our direct ancestors.

With Flambeaux Bicycle Tours you will experience authentic Creole hospitality at it's finest, you will hear the stories of our city told with New Orleans flair, and you will encounter a local personality that embodies the Big Easy spirit. 


Along with having a professional guide, you will cruise around New Orleans on a top quality European city bike. We realize that most people haven't used coaster brakes from the time they were children. While most New Orleans bike tour company's use coaster brakes on their tour bikes, we do not.

We don't want you to mistaken your bell for hand brakes. Nor do we want you to have a hard time peddling after you stop. Cruisers with coaster brakes don't have a free wheel that allows you to reposition your pedals before you take off. For your riding pleasure, all of our tour bikes have a single speed freewheel and powerful dual pivot hand brakes. Our Public bikes are built with high-quality steel frames. While many steel frame cruisers are incredibly heavy, our bikes are light weight. They also have step through frames for easy mounting. Your cycling comfort, safety, and experience is our number one priority.


We give bicycle tours not only because it’s the best way to see the city. We are passionate about bicycles and their possibilities as a transportation alternative in urban environments. Our city is currently listed as a Silver Level bicycling city by the League of American Bicyclists. As we strive for Gold we believe New Orleans has the potential to become the best cycling city in America. We see Flambeaux Bicycle Tours as a small part in a greater movement to bring this about. Trained in traffic skills by the League of American Bicyclists, we give a short traffic skills briefing before every tour. As a result, Flambeaux Bicycle Tours not only introduces you to New Orleans through the eyes of a local, but also provides you with a certified tour guide professional whose number one priority is your safety.

We look forward to immersing you into the vibrancy, charm, and mystique that is New Orleans. 

To help shape New Orleans into one of the best bicycling cities in the world we give 1% of all our profits to Bike Easy (The New Orleans Bicycle Coalition).

Our Guides

Eric Gabourel | New Orleans Bike Tour Guide

Eric Gabourel

In and out of the port of New Orleans, Eric is a descendent of French pirates who sailed the high seas of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Even in recent generations, both his maternal and paternal Grandfathers worked in the port of New Orleans importing fruit from the Caribbean and Latin America. Being the first land lover in his family, he traded in the helm for handle bars.  

A native of New Orleans, Eric posses a knowledge of the city that exceeds research, he is a product of its culture. From rolling in Mardi Gras parades in his youth, getting his first high school job as a beignet chef at Cafe du Monde, and being steeped in our city's customs his whole life. He not only lives in New Orleans - New Orleans lives in him.

His love of bicycles led him to become a League Certified Instructor (LCI) with the League of American Bicyclists. In that capacity, he has taught traffic skill workshops in association with our local bicycle coalition (Bike Easy) at local businesses, community centers, and schools.

His love for New Orleans and it's culture emanates from every tour that he gives. Eric's tours are well rounded and offers both the better and lesser known narratives of New Orleans history. 



Kenneth Chauvin | New Orleans Bike Tour Guide

Kenneth Chauvin


Kenneth Chauvin is a native New Orleanian whose roots go deep into the French colonial period of our city. He is a descendant of Nicolas Chauvin de Lafreniere who was the Attorney General of Louisiana in the 1760's. Chauvin was one of the ringleaders of the Louisiana Rebellion of 1768 that attempted to block Spanish rule in Louisiana. Resultantly, Chauvin was later arrested and executed at the Spanish barracks on the intersection of Esplanade Avenue and Frenchmen Street.

While Frenchmen Street is known as a vibrant jazz corridor in the city, the street was given its name to commemorate Kenny's ancestor and the four French rebels that were executed with him.

Along with being a tour guide, Kenny is an educator at one of our local middle schools. He's passionate about educating the next generation that will lead and mold the future of New Orleans. He is equally as passionate about preserving our culture and heritage. His passion for New Orleans and its history are as deep as his ancestry in our city.